Friday, August 17, 2012

Shoutout: Fairy Tail 295

Awesome chapter from Fairy tail!
I can't wait for the following chapters to come out.  
This arc is really interesting! 

It's about what fairy tail has become 7 years after Natsu and the others were swallowed up by Acnologia. When they came back, Fairy tail has dropped to the most unwanted guild in Fiore. Step by step they are trying to regain their popularity by joining the grand magic games.

 I hope they'd release the articles faster. 
Here are some of my favorite scenes..

Aww Lector cares so much about his friends. 

When I think about it, Sting seems to be a good guy since he cares so much about Lector.

Natsu rocks!

All I can say is ♥

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Read the manga here: manga here

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