Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Acne is one common problem for most people. I know because I also suffer from it! It makes me feel embarrassed often times because when talking to others they would rather stare at my red bulging pimple then listen to what I'm saying. I know, IT SUCKS BIGTIME! Fear not because there are countermeasures that we could do to lessen the irritation and redness!
This is a list of home remedies you could use to lessen irritation and redness. So let's get the dice rolling!!

#1) Green Tea

For all those tea lovers out there, this is perfect for you!
Green tea is a powerful antioxidant! It is well known here in Asia to cure pimples within days.What you do is you deep your tea bag in hot water then get the soak tea bag and remove all excess liquid on it. Then ever so gently press it to your pimple. Green tea also has anti-bacterial properties which could kill pimple causing bacteria!

Another trick is by using the tea water you got from dipping your tea bag in hot water. What you do is you just place the liquid on a little spray bottle. Put it in the refrigerator overnight then just grab it whenever you go out and use it when you want to freshen up. This trick is awesome! It's just like using the Evian facial spray without paying the price! 

#2) Eye drops for Red eyes

Who would've thought that eye drops could be useful for pimples! It should be an eye drop for red eyes or it won't work! Eye drops are traditionally used to clear red eyes but they can have same effects on you irritated skin because it contains anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce swelling. Get a Q-tip and soak it with a few drops of eye mo or whatever you have on hand. Then press it gently to your pimples for about 10 seconds or until the redness fades. This is really effective!! 

Although you can't really find it at home, this is one effective product that I've been using to help shrink and reduce pimple redness. 

#3) WITCH HAZEL toner

I was able to grab mine at Healthy Options for I think 399 pesos. It was a large bottle and it was able to last for about 6 to 7 months for me. I use it every after washing my face followed by my fave moisturizer. The benefits of witch hazel are broad and varied. Witch hazel has traditionally been used for the treatment of wounds, itchy and dry skin and bleeding. It has been used to treat inflamed eyes. Surprisingly it is also a great cure for pimple redness and it shrinks your pores! Just use it as you would use your regular toner. (P.S. don't forget to apply moisturizer after toning your face because negligence can cause breakouts sistah!) This product is by far my holy grail baby and I swear by it!!

if all else fails...

#4) Use ICE!!

This is one of the most inexpensive yet really effective remedy to your inflamed pimple. In the past my dermatologist recommended that I apply ice pack to my face at night after washing my face before applying toner and moisturizer because it would help regenerate my skin better but I find that applying ice to the face in the morning also gives good results. You know in the morning when you wake up and find your face really bloated? By applying Ice on your face, it will help lessen the signs of bloating plus it gives you an added wake up call and energizing feeling! hahahaha So this is what you do. Get an ice cube and wrap it in a towel. Then you press it gently to you pimple and wait until the redness subsides. Also ever so lightly run it through your face. Ice could help reduce redness and swelling making your face look better.

Well that concludes my short DID YOU KNOW speech.. hahahaha I hope it helped you guys eeii  :)

(disclaimer: photos were taken from google search)

Hello CEO group of companies

Who would have thought that May would be rather hectic for me. A couple of days after my first blog post, CEO group of companies invited me to have an interview with them. FYI. CEO group of companies is a growing multi-brand retail group distributing and/or manufacturing some of the country's leading apparel brand such as Arrow and ESPADA. <3

ESPADA is one of the top ranked brands in Thailand today. Known for its attention to detail and high standards of quality, the brand offers a wide variety of work and weekend wear for the contemporary women.

Arrow on the other hand is focused on men's wear which symbolizes the modern masculine American style. The brand is committed to providing worldwide quality products that embody the heritage of the brand and deliver superior quality to consumers. ARROW brand represents another novel idea to modern men: choose value but never sacrifice style. 

I can't wait to start working with them. I feel that I would be able to learn alot on the same time be able to maximize the capacity of my talents. I love fashion and it is such a great opportunity for me to be able to broaden my knowledge in the designing/styling field.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Starting May with a Blast

05---07---12 looks like a good combination of numbers! hahaha I'm finally able to officially start my 1st blog (with good vibes!) since it's May and it's my favorite month... I'm going to start it with a blast!

So yeah!!! My peg for the month will be BOHEMIAN!! Well summer is up and its all about fun colors and fun activities!!!

Don't we look happy?? :) With my super pretty and fab friend Trina. ^_^V

Don't they look just so gorgeous? And all the colors <3  Staking up accessories and wearing those wonderful colored turbans is just so fun and easy to do! It not only adds up a pop of color into your outfit but also puts a hint of bohemian feel to it. Also throwing in a fedora hat and a thick brown braided belt will instantly turn your outfit from plain and boring to fun and interesting..!

~~~  ooohhh laaaa laaaaaa ~~~!!!! Bohemian Rhapsody!! :D

So yeah!! I just love this trend! hahahaha  ^.^ It feels so fun and carefree! It's perfect for my casual outfit of the days. For me when you say bohemian, it's all about expression. You can dress up lazily and who cares!! You'll still look fab noh!

Till my next blog post!
Rock on Fashionistas J