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Letters to Seoul: Thank you for the gifts

youth camp for asia's future 2013
Photo courtesy of Park Minju
It tears me up to be writing this entry. This will be a special one for me because this entry contains my deepest appreciations to every one I met during the camp. It might be weird to post this entry way before I post my experience in Korea but heck I don't care. This is after all an entry I want to dedicate to all my friends out there.

I was overwhelmed on the last night of the camp. It was starting.. the start of our goodbyes. There were tables placed on the event hall with dedication letters and every one was scribbling farewell notes.  I saw people handing out their small mementos to close friends. People were crying and saying their goodbyes to each other parting with hugs and kisses. Even the staff prepared a farewell party for everyone. It didn't occurred to me that there was an end to this camp. No, I didn't cry back then. I only thought that tomorrow when I wake up I'll still be seeing everyone's happy faces. I was wrong. All the emptiness and sorrow flooded me when we were flying back to Manila. I cried lots and Boss Ramon of the 7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant can testify to that. 

It's almost a week since everyone parted and I'm sure that we all still have the "Youth Camp Sickness". I miss everyone so badly. With a heavy heart I went through all the mementos that I got during the camp. 

youth camp for asia's future 2013

youth camp for asia's future 2013

The staff really prepared this much. I'm so grateful ♥ And of course to everyone who wrote their heartfelt messages, I thank you guys so so much.
youth camp for asia's future 2013
Here are some of the most heart warming letters I've received on the last night of the camp. I still get teary eyed whenever I read these guys! 
youth camp for asia's future 2013
Some of the most special trinkets I received from close friends in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and of course Korea. Yeah Hyun I love your traditional gifts! I'm already using it. ^_^
youth camp for asia's future 2013
Aww my Korean friends know me too well. My heart fluttered when I got these gifts. Special thanks to Bomi, Go Eun and Miyeon ♥ I'm excited to use these products.
youth camp for asia's future 2013
I also got fashion pieces ♥ Thank you for this cutie socks Ms. Hani Woo. Also our super sweet Korean delegate Soyeon gave us this ajuma style pants which I really love. I'll always remember you whenever I wear this Soyeon.
My Korean friends really know me too well. Thank you all for the gifts. I will treasure each and every one of it.

Whenever I look back, I feel sad that I wasn't able to maximize the whole two weeks that I had during the camp. I should have made more friends and spent more time with my fellow delegates. The thought of never meeting them again fears me but I'll keep a positive mind. 
youth camp for asia's future 2013
Han river cruise with the Korean, Indonesian, Singaporean and Mongolian delegates. youth camp for asia's future 2013
Yehey! Chill time with the Korean and Pakistan delegates.  SAM_0378
We also met some lovely filipinos while we were staying in Seoul and Jeju. It's so nice to see a fellow kababayan in a foreign land. It makes us feel closer to home. Here is the lovely Ms. Amy who is working for KTV. She covered the event while we were staying in Seoul. Thank you for taking good care of our team Ms. Amy. youth camp for asia's future 2013
Then we met pretty Ms. Vivian in Jeju. Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tulong Ms. Vivian. Every filipino we met took good care of us.
youth camp for asia's future 2013
This happy bunch! I love you guys so much even though we only got close towards the end of the camp. Next time let's all eat spicy chicken together ^_^
youth camp for asia's future 2013
Our lovely Korean delegates who watched over us the whole duration of the camp. 
Thank you so much girls!
youth camp for asia's future 2013

youth camp for asia's future 2013
Shout out to my kababayan delegates. Let's see each other soon!

I believe that the most wonderful gift I've received during the camp was the friendship and happy moments that we all shared together. It might be intangible but it is one that will never deteriorate through time. Thank you all for the lessons and experiences that you've taught me. 
This is not the end. It's only the beginning of a fruitful friendship. 
Until we meet again guys ♥
more entries about the camp to be posted soon.

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