Sunday, October 27, 2013

Street Seoul

street fashion
For those of you who follow me in facebook and instagram, you'd know that I went to Korea last August for a delegation trip. While I was there I was able to squeeze in a fashion shoot with my good friend Diane despite our hectic schedule. Seoul was probably my favorite place during the whole trip. I can actually shoot anywhere because its a blogger friendly place. 
Street Fashion
This photo set was actually taken at around 7:00 pm so please excuse the poor lighting. Hmm.. One thing that really amazed me with Korea was their late sunset. I'm not sure if it's because it was summer that time or if it was because Korea is located at the northern part of the globe. Still I enjoyed their long day. I feel safer walking around the streets at 7 in the evening because of this. 
street fashion

street fashion

street fashion
Familiar looking cap right? You might have seen Song Ji Hyo often wearing this kind of cap on Running Man. I so love watching that show! Street fashion
I'd like to introduce my new found friends Diane and Ramon. 
PS. We only met in Korea and who'd knew that we'd all click together. Cheers to more years of friendship.
Street Fashion
This entry will not be possible without the efforts of my dear friend Diane. Thanks girl! 
Street fashion
Meet Ramon of the 7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant. Don't forget to check out his blog.
Street Fashion
The day will not be complete without a group photo. Surprisingly Ramon is a better model than me. He should start venturing on the world of fashion blogging ☺

I hope that you all enjoyed reading! 
Have a nice day ahead of you and don't forget to go be beautiful!


Top from Grab a tee

Shorts from Crissa Jeans
Shoes from Converse
Cap from Insadong similar to Hats On
Bag from Insadong

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