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Prime and Perfect

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A well primed face is the trick to creating a flawless canvas. Even in painting, priming the canvas will make an art piece look better and stand for long periods of time. For this article, I will be talking about some of my knowledge and personal opinions on how to achieve that perfect flawless look. I am by no means an expert in makeup but the stuffs that I will be sharing with you guys are all based on my experience from using and testing out various products. 
Before getting to the hot point of this article, I'd like to impart with you guys this important step. KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE. It's a great help if you know it. It makes purchasing makeup easier and faster. You'll know what things to avoid and you could predict what products will be harmful for you. 

skin care
Come up with a routine that will help your skin to repair and regenerate. Of course always remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize. These 3 steps are the basics when it comes to skin care. Cleanse to remove all dirt, oil and impurities on the face. Tone to clean up some of the impurities that wasn't cleansed on the first step. Moisturize to keep your skin hydrated. Even if you have oily skin type never skip this step. Also drink lots and lots of water. Trust me, this will really improve not only your skin but also your lifestyle.

blot and prime
If ever you over moisturized your face, just grab a blotting sheet to remove excess moisture/oil. This will prep your face for primer. Yes. This step is often skipped by most people but did you know that it is also one of the most crucial steps in achieving that flawless canvas. Priming keeps your make up intact. It minimizes the appearance of large pores and it acts as a barrier between your skin and your make up. There are also some types of primer that has a color corrective property which neutralizes the redness in the face your adds an instant glow to the skin.

seal and set
Always set and seal your make up especially when you use any liquid or cream based products. This will help your makeup to stay longer and keep it intact for long hours.  Also for oily gals, this will help in keeping your face matte and oil free for sometime. 

prime and perfect
Here are my top favorite products when it comes to creating that flawless look.

Rimmel Fix and perfect pro
I've been addicted to this primer ever since I've purchased it from the vanity zone. It's perfect for the humid weather here in the Philippines. It helps my make up stay put for up to 8 hours and it doesn't oil or break me out. A little goes a long way so I'm sure that the tube will last long in my kikay kit.
Price: P469.00
Available at: The Vanity Zone

Biore UV Super UV Milk 
You guys might not believe me but so far this has been a staple in my skin care routine and I'm surprised at how it works wonders in acting as a primer. Yes, this baby does a great job as a primer as well. A very great multi-purpose product if I must say. I once skipped primer prior to make up application and I was surprised that my makeup held up for about nine hours in the scorching hot and humid climate. I experimented and found out that the hero to saving my makeup was this Biore Super UV Milk. It has a very fluid texture just like milk but once I applied it to my skin, it feels the same as applying gel type primers. Brilliant product!
Price: NT$ 99 (approx P143.00)
Available at: COSMED

Lovely ME:EX/ Maybelline BB Stick
Now if you're not a fan of primers, find a product that has a primer benefit in it just like most BB creams out in the market today. BB creams act as great primers and does a great job in minimizing the appearance of large pores. It also nails the job in giving coverage and evening out the skin tone. I highly recommend Lovely ME:EX by The Face Shop and Clear smooth BB stick by Maybelline. The Lovely ME:EX BB cream is a liquid type of product with light to medium coverage (very buildable) and is great for people with dry to normal skin types. It has a dewy finish and would be great for everyday use. Meanwhile the clear smooth BB stick is a cream type product perfect for oily gals. It is light to medium in coverage and is very buildable as well. 
Lovely ME:EX Price: P345.00
Available at: The Face Shop
BB Stick Price: P279.00
Available at: all Maybelline outlets

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
This product swears to minimize the appearance of pores but when I used it I didn't notice any difference not until I paired it together with the Maybelline BB stick. Both products work amazingly together. The pore eraser is said to be comparable to Benefit's Porefessional but is way cheaper. 
Price: P299.00
Available at: all Maybelline outlets

Ben Nye banana luxury powder
This powder is absolutely awesome. I bought this from KALM cosmetics sometime ago and it's been my most grabbed setting powder ever since. It corrects my skin tone whenever I use a lighter shade of foundation or BB cream. Because it's really fine it seals and locks my makeup and minimizes the appearance of my large pores.
Price: P1050.00
Available at: KALM Cosmetics

Okay, prior to applying any eye make up make sure to put on a trustee primer first. The ELF eyelid primer is   one raved product in the beauty community because of it's inexpensive price and great performance. It's said to be at par with the Urban Decay primer potion. I personally haven't tried the Urban Decay primer potion but I can certify and guarantee that the Elf eyelid primer does the job in holding my eye make up and making the colors look more vibrant. 
Price: P95.00
Available at: The Vanity Zone

Hey don't neglect your lips. It should also be conditioned and hydrated all the time. A good looking gorgeous lips give an impression of a healthy body and lifestyle. Chapped dry looking pale lips is a big turn off so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. I recommend miners tin o tint moisturizing lip tint and care which I got from Makeup Hub by Naturale Collezione. It is a tinted lip balm that has the most heavenly scent. It keeps my lips hydrated and adds a hint of color as well. I could wear it on its own or top it off with my favorite lipstick. It has a sheen light nude color so it doesn't affect the color payoff of my lipstick. 
Price: P250.00

Priming is definitely a very crucial step to achieve a flawless look. It also helps alot in protecting and maintaining clear skin so please don't ever skin this step. Great thing today is that primers are readily available in department stores, drugstores and even online. There is also a huge selection for everyone to choose from unlike in the past.

That's about it! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Have a nice day bellas and go be beautiful!


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