Friday, May 31, 2013

The Corporate Look

Creative Career Chic

Hi lovelies! Today I tried experimenting on dressing up creatively for the office or occasions which require me to look polished and professional (like interviews or events). Usually when applying or working in the creative field, sky is the limit when deciding on what to wear. Fashion is commonly accepted in this field and dressing up creatively only means that you are setting yourself uniquely from the others.

creative career chic thumb 1

creative career chic top

I believe that the trick to pulling off a corporate/smart casual look is a white button down top. I can usually dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Another factor I consider when choosing a white button down top is the material. A crisp material like cotton will give off a more edgy look while a loose material like chiffon will give off a more relaxed feel. It's just up to you what look you want to achieve. 

creative career chic thumb 2

I try to wear clothes that flatter my figure so I could appear slimmer and taller. To be honest, I have a large hip size but instead of shying away from fitted skirts I contrasted my look by wearing a loose chiffon top.
Style tip: Contrasts always work well together. 

creative career chic skirt detail

I always remind myself that when it comes to corporate/smart casual attire, it's a must to stick with a classic silhouette. By doing so I'd be able to easily pull off a professional look. I also try to minimize the use of accessories. I just let my outfit speak for myself. Here I am wearing a bold printed bondage skirt. 

creative career chic shoes

Platform heels are my best option whenever I want an instant boost in height. It makes me look taller without sacrificing comfort. I'm always amazed by how platform shoes appear to be such killers but when worn becomes super comfy to the feet. I'd always wear bright colored shoes whenever I want to break a monotonous dull outfit. It's adds a nice pop of color to the look and is super refreshing to the eyes.

creative career chic thumb 3
Photography by Bonifacio Ong

Being able to express yourself creatively in the corporate scene is fashion for me. Fashion shouldn't be restricted by your occupation because it is a weapon we ladies could use in the tough world of working.

Happy Friday lovelies and go be beautiful!

Jellybean white button down top; Strings Manila teal chandelier bondage skirt;
Jellybean platform heels; Pierre Cardin watch; family heirloom accessories

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