Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My online shopping experience with The Vanity Zone

I recently encountered an online make up store called The Vanity Zone upon searching for online sellers of elf products.

I asked the owner Ms. Bea questions regarding some products I have in mind to order and she eagerly answered as much as she can. I was glad that she had the patience to answer all of my questions. I love shop owners who talk to their clients. It makes the clients feel that you are trustworthy. 

I ended up ordering a Rimmel fix and perfect pro primer, an Elf eyelid primer, and a Wet and Wild coloricon bronzer. Our transaction was fast. It was Monday when I finalized my order with Ms. Bea, I paid for my due the same day and she told me that she had my order shipped the same day as well. 

My package came today (Wednesday). Her courier (Fastrack courier) called me to verify some details regarding my address earlier today. We found out that there was a slight problem with the address written on the receipt. My package was supposed to have been received yesterday(Tuesday) but their messenger had difficulties locating our house. All is well because Fastrack called to verify with me my address and I was able to receive my package. I was so grateful for this. In the past I have experienced losing my package with a courier and it drove me crazy! I almost didn't want to shop online ever again. I am so glad with the vanity zone teaming up with fastrack courier. They both give good and fast service to their clients. 
OMG! Ms. Bea was ever so sweet to include some chocolates in my package ♥ I was super kilig at the sight of these snacks! Thank you so much The Vanity Zone for the fast transaction. I love your service and attitude. My transaction with you was one of my best shopping experiences ever. Until our next one! 

For those of you who are looking for a good and reliable place to shop for authentic US brand cosmetics, check out The Vanity Zone.

Until my next post. 
Go be beautiful ladies!

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