Friday, May 3, 2013

REVIEW: Sunsilk weather defense

Hi ladies! Ever had problems with frizzy unmanageable hair? I know I do. I personally have coarse frizzy hair and it is frustrating to always feel bad about yourself because your crowning glory is a mess. Good thing Sunsilk came out with their weather defense line including the shield and shine serum and the shield and frizz control light cream

Both product claims to: 
  1. Help control frizz and maintain hair style and shine.
  2. Balance the level of moisture in the hair.
  3. Help shield against damaging UV rays.
  4. Non-sticky when applied to the hair.
Well, let's see how well these babies perform.
First up is the shield and frizz control light cream.

Consistency: Liquidy
The consistency of the product is super light and is very easy to spread to the hair.
Smell: Overpowering
I am not a fan of the smell. People sensitive to fragrance might not want to use this product.
Price: P50.00

Next up is the shield and shine serum.  

Consistency: Sticky
A pump or two of this goes a long way. 
It has a sticky consistency but once applied to the hair it doesn't feel oily at all.
Smell: Better than the shield and frizz control light cream. It still smells like the other Sunsilk products but lighter.
Price: P177.00

Now let's test it out.

First I'm applying the shield and frizz control light cream followed by the shield and shine serum. Instructions in the box says that you should start applying from the length of the hair to the tips.

Here is the result after applying the light cream. It did sooth my hair from all the frizz but you can still spot some tangles and flyaways. 

Here is the result after applying the serum. You won't see it much in the photo but my hair looked much better after applying the serum. It gave an extra boost of shine to my hair and it calmed most flyaways. My hair is ready for styling now.

What I like about the product:



Doesn't feel heavy 
Doesn't oil up my hair

Calms frizzy unmanageable hair

Makes my hair look shiny and healthy

Can be used for heat protection
Can be used for styling
Portable, easy to carry in my makeup stash

What I don't like about the product:
Overpowering smell of the light cream
Effects last only for a short period of time

  1. Using the serum before washing your hair helps de-tangle the strands and minimize hair fall.
  2. Avoid putting any product near the roots of your hair to avoid your scalp from producing extra oil.
  3. Spread product evenly on the strands of your hair. 
  4. A little of the product goes a long way. Do not over pile product to your hair if you don't want your scalp to produce more oil.

I think that using the serum alone will already give you good results. On my case, I felt that using both products together worked best for my hair type. It makes my hair feel super soft and shiny. I also tried using the products as a pre-wash and it worked wonders. It de-tangled my hair and made it easier to wash. Shedding out about P200.00 isn't that bad if you can get good results. 

Would I recommend this product?
Definitely! This two products are a must try especially for people who have dry and frizzy hair.

Where can I find this product?
Available at all grocery/drugstore outlets with Sunsilk counters. 

Well, that concludes my review. I hope that I was able to help you guys out. 
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