Monday, April 29, 2013

Beauty essentials for summer

Hi folks! The heat is on. Summer had been real intense this year and the drastic change in temperature lead me to changing my beauty routine. I've been using these products for the past couple of days whenever I'm going out and I've really enjoyed using them. 
Here are my top weapons to fight off the heat and humidity.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lip liner

Happy Sunday lovelies! 
Tip of the day: Liners are the perfect go to product. 
It gives your lips an instant pop of color and definition.
On my lips:
Nichido lip liner in Rosette

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Grocery haul + Kalm Cosmetics

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? 
I just want to share to everyone my recent haul from cash and carry. 

First on the list is Kleenex blotting sheets. 
This stuff is amazing. It is by far the best blotting sheet I have ever tried. It clears the face from oil and dirt and it just leaves your face matte. PRICE: P99.00 
Next up is Sunsilk's weather defense light cream and serum. These two babies will save your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. It tames frizzy hair and could also be used as heat protection from ironing or blow drying. Serum PRICE: P178.00, Light cream PRICE: P50.00
I'll be travelling soon so I decided to pick up some travel sizes of Olay age defying body wash and St. Ives green tea scrub. These two have been my favorite skin and body care products for this month. 

I've already run out of Pond's cold cream so I decided to pick one up as well. PRICE: P121.00

If you have issues in whitening your yellow teeth, then this is the answer to all your problems. I was amazed by how fast it could whiten the teeth. After 3 days of continuously using the product, I feel that my teeth have already became whiter. PRICE: P90.00
Looking for a setting powder that will work real great this summer? Try out Ben Nye's Banana luxury powder. It's the perfect powder that could stand the humid weather here in the Philippines. It can keep your face matte throughout the day. I purchased mine from KALM CosmeticsPRICE: P1050.00 + P50.00 shipping fee.

Has anyone tried out these products? Let me know you thoughts. 
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grab a tee

It has been a while since I have gone to a temple. My family and I visited a temple in Pasay before heading to Robinson's place Manila earlier.

Smelling the incense inside Pao Ong Kong temple felt nostalgic. I remember my sister and I going to temples with our father when we were younger. It's quite sad that we weren't permitted to take photos inside the temple. The interior of it was a beauty. I think that most Buddhist temples have outstanding architecture and interior design.

After, my family and I went to Robinson's Place manila. My brother was going to buy some clothes so my sister and I decided to buy some as well. When going to RP, the only clothing brand that pops into my head is Grab a tee.

Here are some great finds.

I'm so loving this navy striped shirt. 
It's the perfect casual tee for summer.
Retail price P299.00 (USD 7.25) 

Peplum madness! I was having a hard time in choosing which color to buy. 
In the end I got the purple one. I might just go back to buy the blue one too. They"re both fabulous and comfy to wear.
Retail price P299.00 (USD 7.25)

Grab a tee's price point ranges from 200 to 300 pesos. 
I so love their clothes. It's comfy, trendy and it"s really affordable.
Visit them by clicking the link below.

Then we went to Greenwich to have our mirienda.

Everyone's excited to eat! We ordered the ultimate special overload.

My adorable parents ♥

My brother's drinking iced tea like there's no tomorrow.

Nothing beats spending quality time with your family.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Taiwan Fever

It"s one hell of a week for me. I've been busy all the time researching and planning for a trip to Taiwan. Yehey! Finally after 21 years of my life I get to experience life outside of the Philippines.

Here are some of the places I plan to visit.
Sun Moon Lake

Taroko Gorge 

Taipei 101

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Wen Wu temple

Taiwan has a lot of beautiful scenic spots but their night markets are also something to look forward to. You can find all the yummy foods here and they have great bargains of clothes and accessories as well.

Shilin Night Market

moving on to food...
Number one on my eatenirary is the famous xiao long bao.

Seafood is a must try as well.

Pepper Cake

Pineapple cake or what we call Piña Hopia here in the Philippines

Stinky tofu

Coffin bread

Beef noodles

All in all I think Taiwan is an interesting place to visit. I'm really excited to go there. Most of all I'm excited to ride the airplane. It's my first ride and I hope that it's gonna be awesome.

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Does anyone have any suggestion on what to do, eat or visit in Taiwan?
Comment down below and let me know your thoughts. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcoming summer 2013

I've been MIA for a couple of months now but I am back. The weather here in the Philippines is starting to become really bad. Last time the temperature here in Manila even hiked up to 35 °C. Talk about heat wave. It's getting hotter by the day so I decided to finally have a haircut. Yehey! It's like saying goodbye to my old self to welcome something new. Here are some snap shots. Can anybody guess where I had my hair done?

Yup it's in Lucky Chinatown Mall. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this branch. I've already had my hair done here twice and I was never impressed with their service. Nonetheless, the stylist did a good job in cutting my hair. After I went to Chatime with my siblings. 

Yup my sister's an architecture student in UST and I was an advertising student.

Say hi to my newly trimmed hair. :)

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Cheers to all the graduates of 2013! Until my next post.

Rock on beauty junkies ☺

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Products to try out

It's crazy summer now here in the Philippines. The heat is insane and it's really the perfect time to go to the beach. Here are some newly released products that I've been meaning try out.

#1) Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser

I first spotted this product together with the BB water gel after watching Shu An on tried and tested episode 30. I'm really intrigued by this. Hopefully I get to purchase one for myself soon.

#2) Maybelline's BB watergel
Next up is another product from Maybelline. According to Shu An this product is super hydrating, lightweight and it gives your skin that healthy glow (really great for summer). I heard that it is available in Singapore. Hopefully it is also available here in the Philippines.

#3) Elf HD blush
I first saw this product on Judy's channel. People say that it is a dupe for Make up forever's HD blush.

#4) Avon totally kissable lipstick

Alot of beauty gurus/bloggers have been raving about this product. The color selection for this new line is fab and it'll look great for the summer season.

That's my to buy list for this summer. Has anyone tried out any of the products above? Share your thoughts with me on the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you guys. :)

Until my next post,
Rock on beauty junkies ☺