Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Products to try out

It's crazy summer now here in the Philippines. The heat is insane and it's really the perfect time to go to the beach. Here are some newly released products that I've been meaning try out.

#1) Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser

I first spotted this product together with the BB water gel after watching Shu An on tried and tested episode 30. I'm really intrigued by this. Hopefully I get to purchase one for myself soon.

#2) Maybelline's BB watergel
Next up is another product from Maybelline. According to Shu An this product is super hydrating, lightweight and it gives your skin that healthy glow (really great for summer). I heard that it is available in Singapore. Hopefully it is also available here in the Philippines.

#3) Elf HD blush
I first saw this product on Judy's channel. People say that it is a dupe for Make up forever's HD blush.

#4) Avon totally kissable lipstick

Alot of beauty gurus/bloggers have been raving about this product. The color selection for this new line is fab and it'll look great for the summer season.

That's my to buy list for this summer. Has anyone tried out any of the products above? Share your thoughts with me on the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you guys. :)

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