Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cheers to a better vision and a happy tummy

January 21, 2013

I went to the eye doctor today to pick up my new glasses. I went there last week to have my eyes checked and the doctor told me that my eye grade went down so I need to get my lenses changed. I tried a few bunch of frames and this is the one I got. I've been wanting bigger frames for quite a while now and I've finally got the chance to have it changed. Hurray! My eye grade is only 100 now on both eyes. The doctor told me that my eye sight was improving and that I should keep it up but I don't know how I've managed to bring my grade down.

Then I went to "The Tea Life" in Binondo located at Mandarin Square building to chill out for a while. I love this shop. They offer good food at very affordable prices. I ordered this yummy green tea ice cream with blueberry and pudding which cost me only P90.00 ( 2.22 USD ). This shop in my opinion sells the most delicious ice cream here in Binondo. Their serving isn't that big but after I ate my order I was so full and I was shaking because the weather was cold and the store's air conditioning was quite strong. Even so, I enjoyed my visit here and I will surely come back again sometime soon.
 I find that this is the perfect place to chill out on days when you feel down and gloomy. I dunno why but I felt really happy and energized the whole time I was at the shop. Maybe its because of those cute stuffed frogs they have on display or maybe it's because of their shop's color (green) which is very calming and pleasing to the eyes.
I also started documenting my diet. I hope that by doing this I would become more attentive to things that I'm eating. My goal is to lessen my sugar intake but I guess it would take me a while to overcome my sweet tooth. I need to start putting an end to all of my sweet cravings. Cheers to me and the start of making change in my lifestyle. I hope that I'd be able to pull it off.

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