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Welcome to Zelanthropy

Hi! My name is Zel and I'm a blogger based in Manila, Philippines. My blog is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Here I talk about all the things that I love, products I highly recommend or the current trend that catches the eyes of people. Sometimes I also talk about food, travelling and whatever's under the sun because I love adventure. I try to enjoy my life with a cup of coffee at my side and a full surge of inspiration to share with you all. ♥

  1. All products mentioned and used in this blog are all based on my experience and opinion. Whatever works for me may not work on you. Readers are to use the products at their own discretion and with caution.
  2. All products mentioned and used in this blog are bought/purchased by the  me on my own unless otherwise stated. 
  3. All reviews will be 100% my honest opinion based on my experience from using the products. Rest assured that I would not be influenced by any company/brand/establishment.

If you're a reader and you want to contact me, you could follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram. I'd love to be your friend and it'd be awesome to hear from you lovelies so don't be shy and message me there :) 

Enjoy your stay here at Zelanthropy! 
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