Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello tablet..

Today is national heroes day..
I salute all modern heroes in our society who give their all to contribute to the well being of the country..

And because it's another holiday.. I've got free time on my hands!
I've decided to pick up my tablet and start painting again ☺

work in progress..

It's just like applying make-up to an artwork..
Layer by layer
Blend it all in..
Viola! Does it make sense? hahaha
Hopefully I get to finish this asap.

Until my next post! 
Rock on fashionistas ☺

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brave love ♥

Hey folks!
I'ts good for us fashionistas to be able to relax and unwind this long weekend!
The celebration of Ramadan and national heroes day made me want to go out and do something fun.
My friends and I decided to dye our hair, have a sleepover and watch Brave. Nothing beats a good bonding moment with your friends right?
Say hello to our bloated faces and bed hair.. wuhoo! 
Note: Do not eat ramen and other salty stuff if you don't wanna have a bloated face.

Then we decided to watch Brave since we all haven't watched it yet and it'll soon be taken out in the cinemas. Many have said that this movie is the real deal so we swore we'd watch it. I must say, I'm so happy to be able to watch it. It might be the best animatd movie by far this year! Super awesome ♥ 

 Brave is all about the life of Princess Merida. If she could change her faith, would she?
Tired from being ordered to do what a princess must do, Merida approaches a witch to change her mother. What she didn't know is that things wouldn't go the way she wanted. Instead of a chance to change her faith, her mother transformed into a bear. To break the curse, she needs to mend her relationship with her mother.

Princess Merida!
The triplets: Prince Hamish, Prince Hubert, Prince Harris
King Fergus and Queen Elinor

Aww Harris, Hamish and Hubert changed forms into cutie bears!

Pixar never ceases to warm everyone's hearts. This movie made me cry with its great ending. 
"Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride."

Until my next post!
Rock on fashionistas ☺

Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 months of food love

What better way to relieve your stress? 
Food of course! Chow time is the best activity ever. ^_^ V

My 3 months of food loving in the office.. at home.. with close friends, new found friends and family ♥

Pizza Hut while waiting for my dad after a long and tiring day at SM Megamall..
Yummy Bibimbap muna while waiting for my portfolio to print out at Santorini UST
Lunch out with my officemates at Bannapple.. wuhoo my 1st ever Bannapple dish.. so yummy ♥
Taco Bell Madness! I was literally craving for more after eating once here with a dear friend. Love their nachos. ♥ Another one of my firsts..!
Wai Ying and Ersao bonding with my dad when we got locked out of our house. Sometimes it's good to forget your house key for some extra bonding with your loved ones ♥
Tea time with Gong Cha courtesy of a very dear friend. Thanks ella!
De-stressing at Teriyaki Boy with my sister.. So refreshing ♥
Krispy Kreme treat from my awesome office mates. Happy Birthday to me! 
Lunch date with my supah awesome friend Lix at Pizza Hut Gateway-Food Express! ♥
Spicy Shin Ramen Emergency because of habagat. Stranded and cold.. brrrr.. but with a happy tummy
Girls night out with my lovable sisters ♥
 Shakeys Pasta
A storage full of awesome goodies! :) I love my drawer.

So yeah, that's the story of my little food trip. 
Because nothing beats a happy tummy!
Rock on Fashionistas ♥

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Rooftop Prince Way

Korea has certainly risen to the top invading not only the entertainment aspect but also the fashion scenes. Due to this, K-fashion became one of the most influential trends today.
Here are some styling ideas from the famous Korean drama "Rooftop Prince"
Contrasting pieces compliment each other.
Round up an edgy look by wearing a structured top with a flowy skirt.
This will make you look strong and bold while still enhancing your curves.
Finish your look by adding texture to your outfit with your shoes and accessories.

Pastels give off a youthful look.
A sweet and dainty look is easy. Pair pastel colored pieces with white. 
Don't forget to wear nude pumps to elongate your legs.

The bohemian look never dies. 
Match different kinds of print and texture to achieve a carefree look. 
Remember: Layer and layer away. 
Finish it up with some accessories and you're good to go!

For fashionistas out there that are looking for pegs that they could us, try watching k-dramas. They're loaded with wonderful ideas that could spark inspiration.

So which is your favorite look? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts. 

Until the next post!
Rock on fashionistas ☺

Shoutout: Rooftop Prince

Hi everyone! How's your long weekend?

This post is a shout out for a drama that I've been watching lately.
Who's familiar with Rooftop Prince?

Well I finally finished this drama and all I could say is that I'm seeing Yoochun now in another light!
I wasn't that amazed by him when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal in the past (maybe because I didn't find his character that appealing) but he totally showed a different charm in rooftop prince which hooked me up on every episode.

Well the story starts with the prince of Joseon (Yoochun) grieving for the death of the crown princess. He then conducted an investigation with his hand-picked followers and was transported to the future (Seoul). He then meets Park Ha (Han Ji Min) who took care of him and his loyal servants. After a couple of months in Seoul, the prince finds his true purpose of being transported to the future and solves the mystery to the death of the crown princess.

Yoochun and co-star Han Ji Min..
They look so good together.
Family picture! The prince and his servants.
Color blocked. Looks pretty much like a stop light!

GREEN: I pretty much remember Lee Min Ho from The moon that embraces the sun. 
Another very good drama that I've been addicted to. He plays the role of Man Bo. He's the smarty guy who's interested in gadgets and was linked to Park Ha's friend Mimi.

RED: Yoochun also starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal with co-star Park Min Young 
who is now starring as a noble lady in Time Slip: Dr. Jin. He's the prince and the main lead of the drama.

BLUE: Jung Suk Won palys the role of Yong Sul. He has a very interesting character here in this drama. I might say he's bad with words and he's slow in picking up things. He's more straight forward and good with actions rather than communicating. 

YELLOW: Choi Woo Shik's character was my favorite of all the 3 followers. He plays the role of  Chi San. He's good with gathering information and close to women. He's also very cute! 

Other Casts: 
Lovely Se Na.. I must say she played her role really well! Kontra-Bida!
Mimi, Park ha's close friend. She's a manga artist who likes Man Bo.
Tae Mo the bad guy.. Tae Yong's cousin.
Se Na and Tae Mo also looks good together don't they?
cute aunt and evil uncle.
dog uncle?
sweet grandmother

My favorite scenes:

Omurice scene
This bus scene was one of the funniest moments in the drama!
oh ohhww~ I smell trouble.
funny elevator scene
Stalking Park Ha's suitor. Ninja mode!
Bu Yong's sacrifice.
(befere the surgery scene) Park Ha with Se Na
aww she actually really cared. ♥
the beautiful finale

Behind the scenes:

truck ramen scene
Crowding around the staff
Food trip with the lovable followers
 un-matching outfits?!
Aww..They actually look like real sisters here.
outfit hunting! 
The exorcism! :))

What can I say? This is the deal! 
I loved the story! I love the cast! I love everything about it. Although medyo bitin ung ending. 
Also wonderful outfits every episode from the cast. K-fashion is truly inspiring.
For all those who are looking for something to watch, this is something you mustn't miss! 

Until my next post!
Rock on fashionistas ☺