Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brave love ♥

Hey folks!
I'ts good for us fashionistas to be able to relax and unwind this long weekend!
The celebration of Ramadan and national heroes day made me want to go out and do something fun.
My friends and I decided to dye our hair, have a sleepover and watch Brave. Nothing beats a good bonding moment with your friends right?
Say hello to our bloated faces and bed hair.. wuhoo! 
Note: Do not eat ramen and other salty stuff if you don't wanna have a bloated face.

Then we decided to watch Brave since we all haven't watched it yet and it'll soon be taken out in the cinemas. Many have said that this movie is the real deal so we swore we'd watch it. I must say, I'm so happy to be able to watch it. It might be the best animatd movie by far this year! Super awesome ♥ 

 Brave is all about the life of Princess Merida. If she could change her faith, would she?
Tired from being ordered to do what a princess must do, Merida approaches a witch to change her mother. What she didn't know is that things wouldn't go the way she wanted. Instead of a chance to change her faith, her mother transformed into a bear. To break the curse, she needs to mend her relationship with her mother.

Princess Merida!
The triplets: Prince Hamish, Prince Hubert, Prince Harris
King Fergus and Queen Elinor

Aww Harris, Hamish and Hubert changed forms into cutie bears!

Pixar never ceases to warm everyone's hearts. This movie made me cry with its great ending. 
"Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride."

Until my next post!
Rock on fashionistas ☺

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  1. I like to watch Brave! Haven't watched it yet :D Is the movie good and clear already in torrent? hahaha will watch soon. ^_^ It is good to rest some times...