Monday, August 13, 2012

Floral on a rainy day

Pitter patter.. It was raining cats and dogs last week! Well I've got nothing better going on since I can't go to work so I pampered my nails!

Your nails could be your instant accessory if you know how to jazz it up! The only problem is that it's such a pain to go to a nail art salon and hey it's super expensive as well! Recently a new product has be gaining attention in the internet. The innovative stick on nails! It looked so cool so I said why not give it a shot! :)

Cool much! I can't paint my nails evenly so this innovation is a double thumbs up for me!

I got myself 2 types of stick-on nail art. One tattoo like nail art and one sticker like nail art.
Well you could already distinguish it's difference by their names. 
I ordered 2 sets of tatoo like nail art from Strings Fashion Manila and bought the stick on nail art at Trinoma landmark. 
These are what I got. ☺ Pretty floral nail art ♥

I love the vibrant turquoise! It gives such a nice barbie like feel. On the other hand, the lilac one gives off a youthful charm :)

Rawr! Animal print rocks! It's very chic and trendy!

How do you use them?
It's easy! Just follow my instructions below! 

(For the tattoo type nail art)
What You'll need:

1. water 
2. stick on nails (strings manila
3. top coat (Coronia
4. tweezers 
5. nail pusher 
6. scissors or nipper  

1.) Select. Choose a pattern that fits your nail.

2.) Cut and Dip. After choosing the right size that will fit your nail, Cut and dip it in water. This will allow you to separate the pattern from the back facing.

3.) Slide. Wiggle then slide the pattern with your tweezers.

4.) Fit. Adjust the pattern to fit your nail.

5.) Coat. Put a thin layer of clear nail polish and you'll see that the excess parts will start to shrink.

6.) Fix. Remove the excess pattern by trimming it with your nipper or cutter. You could also use your nail pusher for this.

tadaahh! Cutie nails in just 5 minuets! ♥

Okay it's pretty but how much does it cost?
> insert drum rolls here < 
Tadah! Php. 50.00 (about USD1.00)! Very affordable right.

1. It's easy to use.
2. It's easy to remove.
3. Very unique and trendy nowadays. 
4. The set comes with extra patterns in case you make a boo boo.
5. It's also very inexpensive!

1. It might not last for 1 week as it chips off on the 3rd day of wearing it.
~thinks but can't think of any more negative comment for this product ~

Will I repurchase?
Definitely YES! It's super cheap and easy to apply.! You just have to be masipag! ☺

To whom do I recommend this?
To nail art lovers of course and whoever has passion and interest in prints! haha Why not incorporate that in your daily wear? This is a good way to be unique and trendy without spending alot!

Where can I find it?
Well you can find it online at Strings Manila 

So yeah! I'm quite satisfied with this product
For detailed instructions watch this! How to do your nails ☺

This is how the other product ( sticker nail strips ) looks like. Do you guys want a tutorial post about this? Please leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

Fancy prints can transform you from plain to pretty ☺

Until my next blog post!
Rock on Fashionistas ♥

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