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A make up workshop like no other

fab 4
Photo courtesy of Makeup Hub by Natural Collezione
Hi Lovelies! How are you all doing? Yesterday I've posted an entry regarding a meet and greet event that I've attended which was organized by Makeup hub by Naturale Collezione. I've also mentioned on that post that I've signed up for their workshop event. Yes! I was one of the lucky girls who got to personally meet the fab 4 gurus and have an in-depth workshop about basic to advance makeup application.
make up hub
Photo courtesy of Makeup Hub by Natural Collezione
The workshop fee was P3,500.00 inclusive of a brush set from Chic Cosmetics Manila, a makeup loot from Makeup Hub by Naturale Collezione, workshop handouts and materials, plus food.  I must say it's pretty sulit for a whole package workshop.
Our course started with Say teaching us the different types of skin and how we should prepare our face prior to make up application. She gave us an in depth knowledge of the different types of foundation and the different tools we could use for its application. She also demonstrated the proper application of foundation and how we could find the right shade for our skin color.
Foundation matching with Noe
Here Noe personally taught us how to mix foundation to achieve the perfect shade that would match our skin color. 
Noe also briefed us about the different face shapes and how to properly contour the face. Well they say that Noe is the master of contour and I agree with that. She taught us a lot of tips and tricks on how we could improve our face shapes. She told us that a proper contour could bring the best out of you (iyung tipong para kang nagpa botox at face lift) and a poorly made contour could sag and bring down your face. It's all about lights and shadows.
How to contour
What is the proper way of contouring the cheeks? Well that's a SECRET! hahaha Just kidding. Noe said that to know where to put contour, one should just follow the sides/hollows of the cheeks.
Bongga! Fierce Ms. Noe totally made the model look so fabulous with just a little bit of contouring.
Ana and Say
Ana and Say waiting for their turn to teach us.. ☺
With Bea
A quick shot with Bea after applying our foundation. We look fabulous even with minimal makeup on right? ☺ 
with say
Say was doing her rounds so we had the opportunity to take a photo with her ☺
Joyce demo
Joyce personally taught Z how to apply her foundation and contour. You lucky girl!! Joyce was super duper friendly. She was taking her rounds and really helping us girls on how to properly apply our make up. I love her so much ♥
hot to do the brows
After contouring the face, Noe taught us how to do our brows with the use of stencils. Wah it's true! Stencils really are the best makeup tool invention human has ever made. It makes eyebrow grooming easier and faster. We just had to follow the stencil and fill in our brows with powder then we're all done. After set everything with an eyebrow gel. Brilliant right? 
with bea
Photo courtesy of the vanity zone
Look at our perfect brows. It looks fab and done only within 2 minutes! We used Look beauty's Brow perfect kit.
look beauty brow perfect kit
Oh my gosh it's the ultimate eyebrow kit. It costs P 900.00. I'm sure it'll be worth investing for but in the meantime ipon ipon muna!
New found friends
After creating the perfect canvas for our face we were then given a break to eat our yummy food. Bon a petite!
A set meal composing of yummy spaghetti, chicken pops and burger. For dessert we had red velvet cake and butter cake. Waah I had such a happy tummy that day!

After we were taught how to transform makeup from day to night by Say and Noe. Take a look at our model's transformed makeup look.
Night Makeup

The Workshop team
It was finally Ana's turn to teach us so we were all ears on her. Every one's so cute with their serious faces. ☺
3D Eyebrows by Ana
Ana taught us how to achieve 3D looking brows. She and Joyce discussed about advance makeup application for editorial shoots and beauty photography.
Advanced make up lessons

Mod Makeup by Ana
That's a wrap for the workshop. Time to take photos with the gurus ☺
With Joyce

With Say

With Ana

With Noe

New Found Friends
Last shots with my new found friends Chachi, Candy, Z and Bea ♥
new found friends
Photo courtesy of Chachi.
With Bea
One great thing that happened during the event was finally being able to meet Bea, the owner of the vanity zone. I've done a transaction her with her in the past and never did I imagine that I'd finally be able to meet this sweet girl. It's because of Makeup Hub for organizing this event. You make things possible, parang globe lang. ☺
With Sarah
With the fab owner of Makeup hub Ms. Sarah. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo x_x

makeup brushies anf loot bag
Yehey! I got a 7 piece travel brush set from Chic Cosmetics Manila. It kinda looks like the Sigma Mrs. Bunny essential kit right?
Lip collection
My lippies collection is really growing! I got a Miner's lip paint, tin o tint and Mememe Chara satin lip cream on the loot bag plus the two Nyx soft matte lip cream that I bought during the meet and greet event. Hay what more could a girl ask for? hahaha Maybe the brow perfect kit! I'll really buy one in the future. ☺

To finish this post I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Make up hub by Naturale Collezione for organizing this wonderful event. With out you, I wouldn't be able to meet such wonderful people.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Please let me know what you think about the event and don't forget to like and follow me on facebook and google friend connect. Thank you so much lovelies and go be beautiful!


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