Saturday, June 15, 2013

Viral: Picture! Picture! An Olay Mini-movie

Hi lovelies! I opened YouTube today to play my favorite YouTube cover artist Alex Goot's soundtrack. While waiting for the video to start this advertisement caught my attention. Picture! Picture! A mini movie ad by Olay.

Plot: Chino (John Llyod) is a wedding photographer who spots a girl crashing his events and ruining his wedding photos. Blah blah blah.. Just watch it guys ☺ It's only 15 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Olay Philippines photo 946132_10151634119274621_1940932940_n_zps25ea6b23.jpg
Photo courtesy of Olay Philippines.
Photo courtesy of Olay Philippines photo 181257_10151634116589621_639838990_n_zps82e05952.jpg
Photo courtesy of Olay Philippines.
Photo courtesy of Olay Philippines photo 969668_10151640863644621_1610622750_n_zps3af0dda3.jpg
Photo courtesy of Olay Philippines.
My thoughts about this ad campaign..

I love the videography! It's well thought of and as you guys can see, pinaghandaan talaga ang production niya. Even for only a non-traditional advertisement this is really well made. Olay is becoming quite viral nowadays with their ads. The last I've watched was Truly, Madly, Smoothly and I loved it so much.

Hmm..That's why I got disappointed with this short film. I don't like it's plot too much. I know it's June and it's the wedding month so maybe they tried to be cohesive with the thought but yeah I don't find the story very appealing. I like the Truly, Madly, Smoothly way better than this one. You guys can watch it too and be the judge ☺

One thing I appreciate though is that although their model is fair skinned they don't literally push that being white is beautiful. The message they are trying to deliver is more of natural beauty and how it can catch attention. This part, I really appreciate it. 

I've seen hate comments on YouTube about how Olay is not choosing Filipinas to be their models. Guys sshh muna tayo. Malay natin sa next mini movie diba? Let's just hope and pray. Stop the hate and spread the love ♥

With all being said, I am anticipating for the next mini series if Olay will still keep on producing it. I love the fact that they put much effort to non traditional advertisements today. I think they are one of the pioneers after Dove came out with their inspirational campaigns.  And please Olay, come up with better plots. Bawi kayo. Aja Fighting! 

What do you guys think of this mini movie? Do you like it?


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