Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Rooftop Prince Way

Korea has certainly risen to the top invading not only the entertainment aspect but also the fashion scenes. Due to this, K-fashion became one of the most influential trends today.
Here are some styling ideas from the famous Korean drama "Rooftop Prince"
Contrasting pieces compliment each other.
Round up an edgy look by wearing a structured top with a flowy skirt.
This will make you look strong and bold while still enhancing your curves.
Finish your look by adding texture to your outfit with your shoes and accessories.

Pastels give off a youthful look.
A sweet and dainty look is easy. Pair pastel colored pieces with white. 
Don't forget to wear nude pumps to elongate your legs.

The bohemian look never dies. 
Match different kinds of print and texture to achieve a carefree look. 
Remember: Layer and layer away. 
Finish it up with some accessories and you're good to go!

For fashionistas out there that are looking for pegs that they could us, try watching k-dramas. They're loaded with wonderful ideas that could spark inspiration.

So which is your favorite look? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts. 

Until the next post!
Rock on fashionistas ☺


  1. Nice! so very fashionable. :) I like the second picture. ^_^ By the way, what is your course pala?

    1. Thanks! I'm a BFA major in advertising arts graduate from UST. How about you ☺