Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bags won't hurt you!

Yup you got it right. It's not bad for a girl to have alot of bags cause it won't hurt! Specially when it's custom made and with good quality. Recently I've searched facebook for online stores that offer color blocked bags and clutches and I've stumbled upon Glam Rock Manila. It's an online store were you can find awesome satchel bags. What's more is that you could also customize your order to your liking. They have a variety of materials you could choose from to mix and match. Yup you could say that it is an ultimate one-stop shop were you could create your own masterpiece! Here's what I got from them.

Sweet Honey and Pink Satchel bag

I love this bag alot! It's so cute and is easy to pair with any clothes. This baby got such good comments even from my co-workers. 

Two tone clutch

I personally don't own alot of clutch bags so when I got this I was like "oh my gosh! It's so pretty!" It's very basic so I wouldn't have any problems matching it to my outfits. Also it has a strap so when i get tired carrying it or worry that I might leave it somewhere I could just pop out the strap and it becomes a sling bag.

I was happy with the items I got that I re-purchased one more for my sister. I browsed their page and found that they've released a new collection which was the Brandy bags. It was so cute and I thought that my sister would love it. At first I couldn't find any color available that my sister would like. Fortunately, Ms. Diane (the owner of glam rock manila) told me that she still had a yellow and red brandy on hand. It was a blessing from the skies. I instantly placed my order. When I got the package I instantly handed it to my sister. She absolutely adored it! She said that it was so cute.

Well I have to say.. They sell quality bags at such low price. Yup and also they have unique designs you could choose from. 

Price breakdown:
Honey in Pink - P 850.00
Two tone clutch - P650.00
Cute and bold Brandy - P 450.00


1.) Unique designs you could choose from
2.) Doesn't cost alot unlike branded satchel bags.
3.) Lightweight! I hate heavy bags. 
4.) Variety of materials you could choose from
5.) They accept custom made orders

1.) It took forever to get my order.. hahaha I'm always an excited buyer so yeah I always want to receive my orders on time.
2.) I had an item custom made but came out differently than what I ordered but they were able to fix the problem by changing my order. 

Will I repurchase?
Maybe? I can't say for sure but they've been releasing quite alot of gorgeous designs!

To whom do I recommend this?
Practically anyone who loves bags. Students of course who wants to incorporate attitude and personality to their uniforms and for fashionistas who love to incorporate bags to their accessory range.

Where can I find them?
Their online store: Glam Rock Manila

I would like to extend my appreciation to Ms. Diane Austria of Glam Rock Manila for being patient with me throughout our whole transaction. Thank you so much for these lovely babies! Until our next transaction. ♥

Well I guess that's about it!
Until my next post!
Rock on Fashionistas  

Disclaimer: This product review is not sponsored. 

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