Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Santorini Day

There is this little Korean shop at UST where I used to eat. It's called Santorini and I loved that place so much. Authentic korean cuisine plus a kind store owner, it's such a great place to eat when your hungry or stressed out. You could also watch korean shows there like music bank, running man and we got married. I missed their food so much so last Saturday I went there to eat to my heart's content. I ordered bibimpap and tteokbokki. 

SPICY but very very yummy! ☺ Just the smell of it made me really nostalgic. This made me realize how much I missed UST.

Bibimpap is a famous traditional korean dish that is made out of mixed vegetables, egg, beef, rice and gochujang(chili peper paste). It was said that Koreans cook dishes keeping in mind 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth). Well this dish does have all that 5 elements which creates harmony and a happy tummy ♥

Tteokbokki on the other hand is a famous Korean street food which is made out of rice cake, egg and chili pepper paste. You could see this alot in Korean dramas!

Now this is what I like about the shop!

Students who are avid Kpop fans post messages and pictures of their Idols. Its so cute and awesome. 
People who eat here leave the place with a happy tummies and also get the chance to share their wonderful  experience to other Kpop fanatics. This is a place where one can truly share their passion and love for Kpop!

For all those KPOP fans out there, try checking out Santorini located at P.Noval Street Near UST. You'll love it there!

Until my next blog post!
Rock on fashionistas ☺

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