Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grab a tee

It has been a while since I have gone to a temple. My family and I visited a temple in Pasay before heading to Robinson's place Manila earlier.

Smelling the incense inside Pao Ong Kong temple felt nostalgic. I remember my sister and I going to temples with our father when we were younger. It's quite sad that we weren't permitted to take photos inside the temple. The interior of it was a beauty. I think that most Buddhist temples have outstanding architecture and interior design.

After, my family and I went to Robinson's Place manila. My brother was going to buy some clothes so my sister and I decided to buy some as well. When going to RP, the only clothing brand that pops into my head is Grab a tee.

Here are some great finds.

I'm so loving this navy striped shirt. 
It's the perfect casual tee for summer.
Retail price P299.00 (USD 7.25) 

Peplum madness! I was having a hard time in choosing which color to buy. 
In the end I got the purple one. I might just go back to buy the blue one too. They"re both fabulous and comfy to wear.
Retail price P299.00 (USD 7.25)

Grab a tee's price point ranges from 200 to 300 pesos. 
I so love their clothes. It's comfy, trendy and it"s really affordable.
Visit them by clicking the link below.

Then we went to Greenwich to have our mirienda.

Everyone's excited to eat! We ordered the ultimate special overload.

My adorable parents ♥

My brother's drinking iced tea like there's no tomorrow.

Nothing beats spending quality time with your family.
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Until my next post.

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