Monday, April 29, 2013

Beauty essentials for summer

Hi folks! The heat is on. Summer had been real intense this year and the drastic change in temperature lead me to changing my beauty routine. I've been using these products for the past couple of days whenever I'm going out and I've really enjoyed using them. 
Here are my top weapons to fight off the heat and humidity.

#1) Sunsilk weather defense light cream and serum
Number 1 on my list is hair care products simply because whenever I go out, my hair is the first spot that the sun affects. I've recently discovered Sunsilk's new line and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. It helps me fight off harmful UV rays and it also tames frizzy unmanageable hair. Read my review about this product here.

#2) Nivea Sun whitening daily face fluid
Sunblock is a definite must have this season. Aside from preventing your skin from being burnt, it also prevents you from getting skin cancer, dark spots and skin aging as well. Some people take this for granted that's why I think that people should always be reminded to apply sunblock whenever they are going out. I love Nivea's sun whitening daily fluid because it doesn't feel oily when I apply it and it doesn't break me out.

#3) Alba un-petroleum lip balm in cherry SPF 18
I always make sure that I moisturize my lips all the time. Whenever I neglect it, my lips tend to crack up. Mind you it doesn't look attractive, not even the slightest. There are also lip balms incorporated with SPF in the market. It can give you moisture while protecting your lips from the sun. What I love about this lip balm is that it is all natural and it doesn't have petroleum in it.

#4) The face shop Lovely ME: EX BB cream SPF 20
I always apply BB cream whenever I go out because it not only provides UV protection but it also evens out my skin tone. I refrain from using foundation because it feels so heavy and I wouldn't be able to stand feeling sticky throughout the day due to the heat. Lovely ME:EX BB cream gives me sufficient coverage. It gives a dewy finish and it doesn't feel too thick on the skin.

#5) 4U2 Dream girl BB powder
I have oily skin that's why I always use setting powder to prevent looking like a walking oil blob outside. Given that it's hot and humid this summer, it's a guaranty that I'll oil up a lot. 4U2's BB powder is one of the best drugstore powders I have every tried. It's a perfect match for my skin tone and it gives a great finish. It doesn't look cakey when applied and it is very affordable. Plus the packaging looks so cute!

#6) Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon
I'm a huge sucker for lip products and I simply love the fact that Revlon's lip butter has a light texture, good pigmentation and good lasting power. This is just the perfect lip product for this season.

I believe that protecting your skin is a top priority this summer. After all, you only get to have one skin and your skin deserves to be treated and protected.

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