Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meeting Shebby of Shebby Chic

Hi lovelies! Last Sunday I went to Shebby's meet and greet at Trinoma. I've been anticipating for this event ever since she announced it on her facebook page. 

Who wouldn't know Shebby Liquete of Shebby Chic? If you haven't check out her youtube channel and blog then you're missing out a lot! I have been a constant reader/watcher of her new blog and youtube channel ever since March but if I remember correctly I started watching her videos on youtube during 2011 via some of my interior and advertising design friends in CFAD. Knowing that she is on the same college as I am makes me so proud of her! Artists really are multi-talented.

That morning I had to go to the hospital to have my allergies checked so before leaving the house I packed my little gift to Shebby and headed out.

My brother and I goofing around while waiting at the clinic.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the meet and greet on time. The traffic was horrible and I got held back at the hospital. When I arrived they were already halfway through the event but Shebby was so nice to still accept me in the circle. Also her boyfriend was super nice to assist me during the event. Since I came in late, all the seats were already taken. Her boyfriend was the one who found me a chair. (Thank you so much Kirby!) They are both accommodating to us viewers that it just makes us feel that we are all one big tropa.

Photo courtesy of Shebby
The meet and greet took place at Red Mango. It was my first time ever to attend a meet and greet so I didn't know pretty much what to expect. In the end I had a great time and I learned a lot of things from Shebby and her readers.

Photo courtesy of Shebby
Photo courtesy of Shebby
Q&A portion! Too bad I wasn't able to answer any of the questions but I learned a lot from the conversations. Shebby answered all of our questions as much and as best as she can.

Photo courtesy of Shebby
Photo courtesy of Shebby
Photo courtesy of Shebby
We all listened to her discuss topics about beauty, weight loss, confidence, bullying and empowerment. She is such a humble person and I find her kalog side to be super cute.

Photo courtesy of Shebby
She even shared with us some of her secrets in blogging and youtube.

Photo courtesy of Shebby
Prior to the event, Shebby did a raffle on her facebook page and I was lucky to be selected. Yey me! I won a prize. 

A heartwarming note included inside the package. 
I love how she treasures her readers/viewers so much.♥

I got a deep rum red lipstick courtesy of GWYshop.
Thank you Shebby and GWYshop for this lovely prize.

Photo courtesy of Shebby

Yehey! With the beautiful Shebby of Shebby Chic

I also had the opportunity to get a photo with Bing of The Project Awesome.
I sat beside her during the meet and greet and she was very cheerful and nice.

After the meet and greet I went to Seattle's best where my family was waiting for me. We chilled for a while and bonded to celebrate my birthday ♥

 I had a great time during the event. It was like a birthday gift bonus for me to be able to meet Shebby in person and to be able to talk to her casually. I went home happy and with a contented heart. 

Until my post post,

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