Thursday, May 2, 2013

Free Cure Natural Aqua Gel Samples

Hi lovelies! Look what I found while I was at Beauty Bar yesterday.

photo from google

Yes! Cure is now available here in the Philippines. If you guys didn't know, Cure is a famous brand all over, Asia, the world.

Because it is the most gentle exfoliating product you could use to remove dead skin cells in your face/body. Cure claims to help remove (0.01 mm) of your dead skin and dirt while supporting the regeneration of your skin.

FAQs about Cure:
  • 90% of the product is made out of water. 
  • It's preservative free, coloring free, mineral oil free, and artificial fragrance free.
  • It sells like pancakes. They can sell a bottle for every 12 seconds in Japan. Now ain't that amazing?

Why am I hyping about this product? 

Let's slip a side story here..

When I spotted this brand on one of their shelves, I instantly tested it out on the back of my hand to see how it works. After a few minuets of rubbing the product, a certain "libag" like texture appeared and the sales person told me that it was the formation of my dead skin cells. After I used the product I noticed that the back of my hand felt smother and softer. What's amazing is that the product itself was just like water (no fragrance, no color, and the consistency was really just like water). That's when I realized why a lot of people have been raving about this product. Unlike other exfoliating products, cure has no harsh texture that might cause your skin micro cuts and scratches.  I wanted to try this out first before purchasing because I have real sensitive skin. If I buy a bottle of this and got an allergic reaction, all my money will go down the drain (btw it costs P1,500.00, it's pretty expensive). Luckily they are giving away free samples for us consumers to try out. 

Zoom in to view what the pamphlet has to say.
Each pamphlet has 2 sachets so you can enjoy this sample twice.

Isn't this great news? Anything free and amazing for me is worth the hype. So if you girls wanna try this product out, come and visit the nearest beauty bar in your area. Just ask for a free sample to the person assisting you and viola. Pamper yourself afterwards okay? ☺

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you ever tried this out, please let me know your thoughts about it. I'd love to hear from you guys. 

Until my next post! 
Go be beautiful ladies.


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