Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm going to Korea!

Hi everyone! Wuhoo~ Good vibes today. Sorry for being MIA for almost a week already. I've been busy these past few days working on some art projects that I've dropped off since May so I wanted to finish some of them. Also I've been really addicted to watching The Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead so I'm really sorry if this post is just a little update on what's going on with my life. Either way I really want to share my stuff with everyone ☺ I hope you guys enjoy reading.


Landscape in progress

daenerys targaryen in progress
These are some works I dropped off last May.. All artworks done in Adobe Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Bamboo fun tablet. They are all still in progress but at least it's almost 50% done.

Today I am starting my Isotretinion treatment again. Nasty breakouts started appearing on my face and back again so I went to my dermatologist for a check up. Dr. Abigail advised me to undergo isotret again for four months to control my hormones and lessen the oiliness of my skin.


Lastly, I'll be going to Korea next month to represent the Philippines in a youth camp! Yehey ♥ Going to Korea is one of my biggest dreams and I never thought that I'd be able to go there this soon. Thank you dear God for making things possible for me.

Until my next post!

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