Friday, October 25, 2013

Travel in Asia with Air Asia

The previously known Zest Air is now re-branded to Air Asia Zest and is ready to offer Filipinos more choices, better value and enhanced services across a combined, larger network.
AirAsia Zest - Nuffnang - Contest Badge - Final v2
Zest Air is now flying with the world's most popular low cost airline, Air Asia. Now with its new name, Air Asia Zest will take you to famous destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai or Incheon at the most affordable price. Believe with your own eyes, Air Asia Zest dares you to compare prices! 
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With this being said, how can I not come up with a dream destination wishlist. If I could pick a place in the world that I want to visit I'd definitely pick Korea. Korea feels like a second home to me. Last August when I was sent to Korea for a delegation trip, I fell in love with the country. It's rich culture and tradition is incomparable to any other place that I have been to. Here I met tons of amazing people and gained unforgettable experiences.

999749_461154647315696_2049490652_n (1)
Gyeongju Expo
world cup stadium
Seoul World Cup Stadium
 photo namsan-tower-6_zps4c23597e.jpg
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Namsan Tower
 photo lock_zps3e8b2326.jpg
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Namsan Tower
Jeju Island
 photo tol-haruebang-statues_zpsb5d97625.jpg
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Jeju Island
 photo sed2013_zpsc31f0fa0.jpg
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Han River Cruise

Han River Cruise

Sam Cheong Dong


Banghwa Station Seoul

Sam Cheong Dong
Bulguksa Temple

 Korea doesn't seem to be a far away place now with Air Asia Zest flying from Manila, NAIA terminal 4. If you guys are looking for the perfect flight to your dream destination then check out Air Asia Zest's flights only at
Air Asia Zest, The right way to fly.

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