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Fashion 21 Roll n' Dazzle Review

fashion 21 roll and dazzle review
I think most girls would appreciate anything shiny, shimmering and splendid right? And for a product which only costs Php 100.00, heck that's not only good to the eyes but also good to the pocket. Today's product review is Fashion 21's Roll and Dazzle eye shadow pigments which comes in a bundle of three composing of blue, yellow and pink loose pigments.

Brand: Fashion 21
Product Name: Roll n' Dazzle
Product Function: Eye Shadow Pigment
Produced in: China
Price: Php 100.00
Available at: All Fashion 21 counters
 fashion 21 roll and dazzle review
The product comes in a roll on packaging. I can't really say that I am a fan of the packaging because I find it hard to get the pigments out of the dispenser but for me this is better than those pigments which comes in a loose powder container form. This packaging is travel friendly and a lot more hygienic than the previously mentioned packaging. 
fashion 21 roll and dazzle review
Upon closer look, the pigments contain micro glitters and is very powdery in texture. To be honest I am not a fan of this product because it tends to get messy during application but for a hundred peso bargain this isn't so bad. I find that the pigments can instantly add life and dimension to the eyes. The product is also pigmented and is great for finishing touches and for sealing in cream based shadows. 
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I tested out the yellow pigment previously on a makeup look that I did and I was amazed at how long it lasted all throughout the day. It didn't cause creasing and is just perfect for enhancing my eye makeup. Beware though because it can settle in some fine lines. 
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Let's do a quick recap:
Travel Friendly
Adds dimension to the eyes
Perfect for finishing touches
Does not crease
Long lasting

Powdery texture

1.) Prime the lids prior to product application to prevent creasing and to make the product last longer.
2.) Do not roll the product directly to the lids, instead roll the product on a tissue paper and apply the pigment with a dense eye shading brush.
3.) Apply pigment to the lids with a gentle pressing motion to prevent fall outs.
4.) Stick a post it below your lower lash line to act as a catcher in case fall outs occur.

Will I recommend this product?
Yes. This will be perfect for bargain hunters and for people who loves to use pigments. 

Will I re-purchase this product?
No. I'd like to finish these products first before re-purchasing. Also I'd love to give the other brands a try.

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