Monday, May 7, 2012

Starting May with a Blast

05---07---12 looks like a good combination of numbers! hahaha I'm finally able to officially start my 1st blog (with good vibes!) since it's May and it's my favorite month... I'm going to start it with a blast!

So yeah!!! My peg for the month will be BOHEMIAN!! Well summer is up and its all about fun colors and fun activities!!!

Don't we look happy?? :) With my super pretty and fab friend Trina. ^_^V

Don't they look just so gorgeous? And all the colors <3  Staking up accessories and wearing those wonderful colored turbans is just so fun and easy to do! It not only adds up a pop of color into your outfit but also puts a hint of bohemian feel to it. Also throwing in a fedora hat and a thick brown braided belt will instantly turn your outfit from plain and boring to fun and interesting..!

~~~  ooohhh laaaa laaaaaa ~~~!!!! Bohemian Rhapsody!! :D

So yeah!! I just love this trend! hahahaha  ^.^ It feels so fun and carefree! It's perfect for my casual outfit of the days. For me when you say bohemian, it's all about expression. You can dress up lazily and who cares!! You'll still look fab noh!

Till my next blog post!
Rock on Fashionistas J

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