Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October Haul

October haul by crizeel ong
Yet another haul. My last haul was from a single brand (Wet and Wild) but today I'm excited to share with you my latest finds. What's funny is that some of the items are things that I nabbed from the grocery store. Please keep reading to find out more of the items that I got for the month of July.
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First on my list of to buy items was an eyebrow shaver and I picked up mine from my all time favorite drugstore brand Nichido. I've always used their eyebrow shaver since I was in college and I never switched. It's cheap, sturdy and works amazingly.
Php 50.00 each
Colgate Whisp
Does this product look familiar? As seen on Michelle Phan's channel, it is now locally available here in the Philippines. I got these babies in Metro grocery at the Lucky China Town Mall. 
Peppermint : Php 151.00
Spearmint : Php 159.00
Ponds BB Cream
Another product that caught my attention was this one. I was surprised to see that Ponds BB cream has a travel/tester size. I wanted to try this product out for the longest time so I decided to pick one up at the grocery store.
Php 149.00
4U2 dream girl BB powder
Now this one I've already tried out last year. It's my second time buying this after I've emptied my first one and it's been a favorite of mine next to Ben Nye's banana luxury powder.
Php 194.00
Quick FX eye lifting cream
I've been meaning to try this product line out but never get to do so. I've heard a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus raving about this very affordable product (specifically the primer) and I decided to buy one for a DIY project I have in mind.
Php 49.00
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express

I finally bought myself a new tube of mascara. Like I said previously, mascara is one thing I rarely do so it took me a while to get a new tube. Hmm I hope this works on my lashes well. The Magnum one disappointed me a lot. 
Php 299.00
Ever Bilena lip liner and Nichido eye liner pen
I was looking for a true red lip liner in the Nichido counter when the sales lady pointed this lip liner to me. It looked stunning when I swatched it so I decided to purchase it as well.
Php 100.00
Last but not the least, I also decided to try this eye liner pen since my San San eye liner pen is running out. 
Php 119.00

That concludes my collective haul for the month of October. I told myself to lie low on spending last September but I ended up grabbing stuffs this month for the sake of replenishing some of my soon to be emptied goodies. 

I am excited to try out the Whisp since I'm really intrigued at the product. I hope it works well. What do you guys think is the best out of the bunch?

Thanks for stoppin' by and don't forget to go be beautiful! 

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