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Wild Peach Cosmetics Palette Review

wild peach cosmetics palette review
I think it was back in May when I purchased myself a personal palette from Wild Peach Cosmetics. Ideally it was for travel purposes because I was about to go to Taiwan that time and I needed a compact thingamajigy that can hold most of my beauty essentials so I searched long and hard for a local retailer. Luckily, Shebby of Shebby Chic recommended me to try this out.
wild peach cosmetics palette
Brand: Wild Peach Cosmetics
Product Name: Personal Palette
Product Function: Palette holder
Price: Php 280.00
Available at: Wild Peach Cosmetics
Wild Peach Cosmetics is a brand that offers personal to professional magnetic palettes designed to give us the power to be able to customize and store our makeup in one handy dandy place. Genius masterpiece right?
wild peach cosmetics palette
When I first got this Wild Peach palette, I was amazed by how posh and great it looked. I was really impressed with its quality too. Have you girls experienced that certain feeling of knowing a product's worth when you've held it  in your hands and know in your heart that every bit and cranny of the product is quality to the finest? Well that's how I would describe my feelings to this palette. Everything about it is love.

The packaging is made out of hard quality board and has a bottom part made out of magnet. When I purchased my wild peach palette it came with a metal sticker that I need to attach to the bottom part of my eye shadow pans. 
wild peach cosmetics palette
Photo courtesy of @crcang and Wild Peach Cosmetics
Another great thing about this Wild Peach Palette is that it helps me save up space and money. To be honest, 70% of my makeup storage is taken up by bulky packaging. Now I only have to buy refills and eye shadow pans which not only saves me space but also money!
wild peach cosmetics palette
Now on to some troublesome sides. I hate having to clean up this palette ever so often because pigments tend to stick to the mirror and the metal base of the palette. It takes me time to clean it up because the pigments tend to stick stubbornly on the base.
wild peach cosmetics palette
I also had troubles with the de-potting process. I got my shadows cracked up and pulverized when I first started to remove the pans from the packaging. It took me a while to get the hang of it but practice makes perfect right? 
wild peach cosmetics palette
This palette has the inner dimensions of 5.4" x 2.8" x 3" and outer dimension of 6.03" x 3.43" x 0.54". A very compact palette which I can carry around even with a small pouch. 

Here's a quick recap..
Quality made
Travel friendly
Helps me save space 
Helps me save money
Can store lots of small to big size pans
Can even store small brushes and pencils if placed strategically

Can become messy at times
Pigments from the eye shadow pans stick to the base and the mirror

1.) When de-potting your makeup pans remember to take time and be patient with the whole process.
2.) Take a wax paper and use it as barrier from the metal plate of the flat iron. The last thing you want sticking to your flat iron is melted plastic right?
3.) Study the packaging of your eye shadow and think of ways to pop the pan out. Do not force yourself into getting the pans out in only one way because different brands have different kinds of packaging. 

My final thoughts? 
Wild Peach Cosmetics, you're a total genius. I'm really enjoying this palette. I am able to combine my favorite pans and customize my own makeup palette. I can also take it everywhere with ease. Cleaning it up once in a while might be tedious but I'm giving this product my two thumbs up. I can not only save space but also money with this baby. 
To whom do I recommend this?
This will be perfect for jet setters or girls on the go who wants a compact palette that they can grab anytime anywhere. This will also be perfect for people who would want to de-clutter their makeup collection.
Will I re-purchase this?
I am hopeful to get their professional palette soon. Hopefully (cross fingers) 

Do you guys also like the idea of creating your personal makeup palette?

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