Thursday, June 28, 2012

Arm Candy

Okay so I'm in my casual look earlier at the office. To jazz up my look I wore my DIY arm candies :)

I love my accessories! It's amazing how they could add up to your look.

I also took a quick shot of my office drawer before I went home! :) This is one of my motivations at work. It's my simple way for relieving stress. I feel energized by just looking at the snacks. In the end, I never get to eat any of it.

What is your ultimate stress reliever? I'm excited to know your thoughts :) 
Till next time Fashionistas :)


  1. Fruit Ninja!!! hahahahha I-phone game just right for me ;) hahhhahaah
    this is great..because work can really be very stressful :( we have to find ways to motivate ourselves! nice post! ^_^

    1. OMG fruit ninja! <3 I so love that game! ^_^