Monday, June 11, 2012

Suesh BLUSH Set Review

Hello folks! What is the one thing you just really need when you're applying your makeup? Well for me, it'll be makeup brushes. Yes, you could also use your fingers but for me, when I use my tools, I feel that I'd be able to control my makeup usage more effectively. It is more hygienic then using your fingers. Makeup brushes are a life saver to my pimple prone face.

Suesh Cosmetics is a company famous for providing quality makeup brushes and tools. Alot of bloggers have been raving about their products so I thought why not give it a shot! Last week while shopping at Trinoma with my sister I decided to buy a Suesh brush set. It was called the BLUSH set and I bought it for about 850 pesos. Not bad for quality brushes. :D

Suesh says that this brush collection is made of mid quality synthetic and natural hair. The brush set comprises of 8 pieces of quality brush.

It also comes with a pink soft leather case. 

First off is the powder brush. It comes in a stylish pink handle perfect for powder or blush application.

This blush brush is one of my faves! It is very soft and dense. I was able to use it as a substitute to my foundation and blush brush. Yes I know! You guys might think it's weird but according to some professionals, denser brushes could also be used as a foundation brush. It acts like a stippling brush which could give you an almost air brush effect! Fantastic right? :)

The following two brushes are also very versatile. You could use it as a lip brush, a brow definer or a gel liner brush. It all depends on your preference.

What else do you need to complete your brush set? Of course a large and small eye shadow brush! This Large eye shadow brush is my ultimate fave from all the brushes in the BLUSH set. I could use it as an eye shadow brush OR as a CONCEALER BRUSH! I'm a person who just can't live without a concealer so for me this brush is a must in my makeup kit!

Last but not the least, the brow/ tool brush and the sponge tip applicator. I don't usually use these tools but I must say they perform well on their respected aspects. The sponge tip applicator is best used for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes. 

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the quality of the brushes. I didn't experienced any shedding or bleeding for the first and second time I washed it. The brushes are very versatile and performs really well. I could use some of the brushes for multiple purposes.

Also I give a plus to the packaging! 

It has this plastic box that protects the products inside. I also love the case! But I would appreciate it more if they had a black case because gives a more professional and sexy look.


  • LOVE the packaging
  • Sturdy grip on the brushes
  • could be use for multiple purposes
  • performs well
  • didn't shed or bleed much
  • good for Travelling 
  • Pink is the only color available
  • Can't think of anything else as of the moment
Will I re-purchase this product?
Sure! I also need another one in case I travel.

To whom do I recommend this?
To beginners or professionals who are looking for quality products for less :)

Where can I find this?
Their online store: Suesh Cosmetics

Visit their Outlets at:
Main Spine, Ground Floor
Near Plains and Prints, Bayo and Kashieca

The Suesh Showroom and Studio
34 Wilson St., Greenhills,
San Juan, MM

Lower Ground Level
The Gardens, Alabang Town Center

Rock on Fashionistas J

Disclaimer: this product review is not sponsored.

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