Friday, June 15, 2012

Color trend for 2013

We've been raving about pastels, neons and basic color blockings for these past few months. What’s next to come this following year?

Color Trend for 2013

This season’s palette will be about colors that evoke emotion bridging our economic situation and the fashion sense. The colors will rotate from the classics without crossing over the dull side.

Left to right: Antique Copper, Matt Bronze, Violet de Mars, Black Forest, Burnt Earth, Wax, Brushed Vermeil, Whitened Lead, Ink, Storm, Coal, Pink Terracotta, Hydrangea, Cranberry, Pistachio, Lost Time, Heather, Silk, Angel Feather, Rice Powder, Strawberry Sherbet, PSCHITT!, SPLASH!, FLOC!, OUPS!, WIZZ

Classic yet timeless with a twist of life, this coming season will surely be another fun trend to play with your wardrobe.

Rock on Fashionistas J

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