Friday, July 6, 2012

ART turned STYLE

We've all been seeing pastels and neons invading the fashion scenes this 2012. Different prints from animal to floral continue to catch our eyes. The question is "What's up for us this 2013? "
Well this is what I've come up after seeing Resort's Pre-Spring 2013.

Historical art movements have invaded the fashion world. This 2013, designers have been envisioning a more emotional trend reflecting our surroundings, classic and timeless with a twist of life. My forecast for this 2013 will be about art movements turned into style! :)

Art movements have molded and strengthen the culture of our society today. We encounter it's influence everyday. Who would've thought that this would  be the main focus of designers for this coming 2013 pre-spring collection. So what art movements have tingled the creativity of the designers this 2013 pre-spring collection? Read further to find out! ^_^

1.) Art Nouveau

This was a popular art movement during the19th century. Its was derived from french meaning "new art". Basically a form of contemporary art which was inspired by natural forms and structures, not only in flowers and plants but also in curved lines. Nature and society were the common subjects for this art movement.

Illustration by Alphonse Mucha

 Incorporating this fun movement to your outfit will certainly add personality to your daily office life. Wear your character and stand up by mixing prints together. Remember that it's okay to pair big prints with small prints (opposites attract)

2.) Expressionism

Expressionism started in the 20th century. It's a movement were artists distort their subjects or use techniques like brush strokes or textures to evoke mood, expression or idea.This movement aims to express meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality.

Painting by Jackson Pollock; Sculpture by Kate McGuire

Do an edgy twist to your outfit by complimenting textures with prints. A basic white button down top paired with a printed enigma skirt gives a hint of sophistication. Top it off with a tailored blazer for a more edgy look. To finish your look, accessorize with snake skin and metals. :)

3.) Contemporary Art
Best described as art produced after World War II.
Sculpture by Aaron Moran

Futuristic minimalist is a simple yet creative way to express your inner self. Deviating from strong palette colors as main motif will give a more soft look. Choose an outfit with geometric prints. It will add height and form to your body (it's all about accentuating your curves) Pairing your outfit with a tailored blazer would add edge and sophistication. Compliment your outfit with geometric accessories and your all set.

4.) Renaissance
Called as the golden age of art history, renaissance is a cultural movement which spanned from the 14th to the 17th century. In this period, artists desire to depict nature's beauty was very strong. They paid much attention to symmetry, perspective and anatomy that enabled them to produce countless works of art.
Painting by Michelangelo 

Classic and timeless.. Modernizing a renaissance look is easy. Pick an outfit with symmetrical prints. Compliment it with patterns that show lines and perspective. Also add renaissance factor to your outfit by moving with the earth palette. Show off a hint of royalty by adding a pop of blue to your outfit (the color blue was first discovered during the renaissance period and only royalty could afford to buy blue colored paintings)

5.) Pop Art
Pop Art emerged in the  mid 1950's. This movement incorporates mass culture such as advertising, comics and popular icons as subjects. It's concept is not the art itself but the attitude and concepts it leads to.

The main trick to creating a pop art inspired outfit is to play on prints and color. Play with icons and animated prints as focal point to add personality to your outfit. Use neons and contrasting colors to create wow impact and accessorize with arm candies to bring your look together. :)

It's amazing how great art has affected our trends. I was ecstatic after seeing the Resort's pre-spring collection. My personal favorites would be Versace, Alexander McQueen, Etro and Cavalli! They never seize to amaze us by producing innovative and stylish outfits!
With all being said, 2013 will surely be a year full of style and innovation. It makes me think of what's next to come and what might happen in the following seasons. :)

Which is your favorite movement and why? Comment down below and share your thoughts with me. I'm excited to hear from you! ^_^

Till my next blog post
Rock on Fashionistas :)

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