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Street Lights

outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Christmas is just around the corner and you can really feel it here in the Philippines. Two weeks ago, the University of Santo Tomas started to light up their Christmas display. That's when Wil contacted me to do a collaboration for my blog. How can I say no to this talented individual. We discussed about doing a night shoot and maximizing the Christmas display in UST. 

outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Today's outfit features items from The Runway. I fell in love with their sailor inspired peplum top when I first saw it but I decided to tuck it in my beautiful vibrant red midi skirt just to show how versatile it is. I love how I can create different kinds of looks with this top. 
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Remember Emma Watson's famous quote? "The less you reveal the more people can wonder". Well this is how I feel every time I'm wearing a Chinese collared top. I feel that I am hiding my body but instead it accentuates my features in the most flattering way. Chinese collar tops are very interesting to play with. It can look casual or sophisticated depending on how you style it but it's the perfect item to turn to if you want to instantly achieve a polished and professional look. Comment down below if you want me to teach you on how to create different looks with this interesting top.
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Oh I can still remember how my mom would style her midi skirt in the past. Midi skirts were iconic pieces from the 70's that made a come back today and will continue to be a hot trend for the years to come. It's classic and chic that's why this fashion piece will never go out of style. I specifically picked out a red midi skirt because it's easy to pair with any basic without looking common like the colors black and maroon. It's also perfect for the holiday season. You can pair this with a monochromatic chiffon top or even a basic tee!
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Oh and this look will not be complete with out my statement belt and tote bag.
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Since I'm short on height, I decided to wear tights that matches the color of my shoes to elongate my legs. See how short my legs are. Teehee luckily there's always the magic of illusions and silhouettes. Now I can easily pull off any midi skirt. 
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
Before wrapping it all up, here's some bts photos. Thanks Kat for all the bts photos. Ikaw ang hero at ninja ng ating photoshoot ^_^
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Gen and Kat for helping me out with my shoot. Thanks for being my cheerleaders for the day. Also thank you so much to the talented photographer behind the shoot, Wil. I'm definitely looking forward to more collaborations in the future. Lastly thank you so much to my new blog partner The Runway. Don't forget to check out their page. Most of the pieces in this entry are from their store ☺
outfit of the day by zelanthropy
So, what do you guys think? This would definitely be my Noche Buena look. 
What would you wear for the upcoming Noche Buena? Don't forget to comment it down at the comment section. 
Last quick tip to all you lovelies who's having a hard time in choosing what clothes to wear this holiday season. You can CREATE your own RULES when it comes to pairing the clothes that you wear. At the end of the day it is YOUR personal taste and satisfaction that counts. Just be you!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.
Thanks for droppin' by and Don't forget to go be beautiful!
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Peplum Top from 
The Runway
Red Midi Skirt from The Runway
Denim Jacket from Never been kissed
Belt from BAYO
Tights from Leg Love
Boots from Janylin Shoes
handbag from The Runway

Photography: Wil Mark
Editing : Me
Location: University of Santo Tomas

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