Sunday, December 15, 2013

Morning Reads: Clean your falsies


Falsies alert! FYI, falsies can be re-used and abused as long as we keep it clean and properly stored. I once thought that falsies are only for one time use but I was wrong. I started to learn more about falsies after my trip to Taiwan. Girls there love their falsies so much that you'll spot almost every girl on the street wearing it. Not only in Taiwan but also in Korea as well.

I have encountered girls asking me how to properly store their falsies and I am still searching for proper ways to do so but for now this is what I do to keep them in tip top condition.

Before re-using my falsies, I make sure that I clean them properly. I usually take two to three drops of dishwashing liquid and olive oil then I dilute it with water. This is my supposed cleaner for the falsies. Then I just dip the falsies in it and wait for around 10 to 20 minutes for the glue to loosen. After I just rinse it with water and pat to dry.

Cleaning falsies will not only enable you to re-use it but also help to lessen the chances of eye infection. The last thing you want is coming to an eye doctor complaining about red sore eye due to infection caused by your falsies.

Happy Sunday loves! Remember to always clean your tools and don't forget to go be beautiful! :)
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