Monday, December 23, 2013

Labels against women

labels against women
Yet another beautiful ad campaign from the brand Pantene. I recently discovered this ad while browsing through Youtube. The internet is really a powerful tool to voice out opinions and to reach out to people of different race, age bracket, social status, and the likes. This ad just blew my mind and made me think of how contemporary women stand in the society today. I'm sure that the whole women population could relate to this issue raised by Pantene and I totally agree and support to this cause. 
This ad just reminds me of how the brand Dove reached out to millions of women around the world with their campaign of what real beauty is. Here on the other hand, Pantene tackles on how biased the society is towards men. The inequality of men and women in the society is apparent even in the modern age. Pantene urges women to not let labels hold them back. Be strong and shine!
 pantene ad campaign

Quoted from Pantene:

Does gender bias still exist? If the answer is no, then why is it that women who take charge tend to be called bossy, whereas men who do the same is just doing his job as a boss? Or why is it that when mothers are passionate about their career, they tend to be seen as selfish, while working dads are dedicated? It is also quite startling that a recent study said 70% of men feel that women need to downplay their personality in order to be accepted.
 pantene ad campaign
According to the 2013 Global Gender Gap Report, the Philippines ranks number 5 in gender equality. But a survey by the social news network, Rappler, revealed that gender bias is still very much prevalent. One thought-provoking statistic showed that 77% of males and 66% of females believe that men deserve employment more than women -- clearly reinforcing that bias exists in the workplace. Research findings show that both genders have prejudices and are prejudiced against.
 pantene ad campaign
Pantene, a brand that stands for empowering women to shine boldly, highlighted the issue of double standards and the culture of inequality that people have come to accept as the norm. Although initially approached from a local standpoint, the campaign resonated to the global market, recognizing an idea that was inspired by a hard-hitting reality that every woman faces.
pantene ad campaign
Thus, #WhipIt was created. Urging women to leave labels behind, and be strong and shine.

What do you ladies think?
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