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How to do a perfect french tip

how to do the perfect french tip by Zelanthropy
I love having french tip on my nails but since I am no pro in doing it, I always seek help from an expert to do it for me. It's a hassle and a waste to shed out a couple of hundreds just for a manicure. Then I discovered a simple and quick method that even a no pro like me could to. Read on to know how I did it.

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how to do the perfect french tip by Zelanthropy
Now we need to prep our materials..

First cut your band aid into two. This will allow you to maximize the use of the band aid.
Then apply a base coat to your nails. This step is optional but it will help your nail polish to last longer.
Finally, before using the band aid make sure to blot it by sticking it to a cloth a couple of times to remove excess stickiness. 
how to do the perfect french tip by Zelanthropy
You can now move on to the actual french tip application. The process is really simple. Even a no brainer could achieve a perfect french tip just by following these simple steps. 
First you'll have to wrap your fingers with the pre-cut band aids that we made earlier having the rounded edge positioned just below the ends of your finger nails. This will act as a template for your nail polish to sit.
You can now paint your nails after securely wrapping it with the band aid. One to two coats of nail polish will be enough. Make sure to only put thin coats so that the nail polish will not chip off easily.
Let the nail polish dry for a couple of minuets then gently pull off the band aid. Be careful with this process. If you put on too much nail polish, it will be hard to remove the band aid.
Apply top coat to the nails. Also apply some to the edge of your nails to ensure longevity of your french tip.

Viola! French tip as easy as one two three.

What I love about this process is that it makes your french tip look crisp and perfect. It's very easy to do plus everything that you'll need is easily found at the comfort of your home. Now I don't need to go to a professional just to get my nails done. 

What do you guys think?

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