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Prettia foam hair color review

Hi folks! This post has been delayed for quite a while now but here it is.
A couple of weeks ago I ordered a box of Prettia foam hair color from Japanichi.
The product arrived a day after I payed for it thru bank (BPI). 
Thank you Japanichi for the super fast transaction.
This product retails for 700 pesos but I got it on sale for 650 pesos free with shipping fee.
This is what the product looks like.
I was really excited to get this and when it came I was super hyped. I instantly wanted to try it out. 
The color I got is in Marshmallow brown.
Okay so this was supposed to be the color that will come out after dyeing, 
soft yellowish brown color.
When you open the box it would look like this.
The contents inside are as follows:
the developer, hair color, leave-on conditioner, plastic gloves and the pump.

Prettia (Kao Japan) Bubble Foam Hair Coloring Kit is an innovative D.I.Y hair coloring product that uses foam to dye the hair. Unlike traditional hair color kit, it turns the coloring agents into bubbles!! Hair coloring is now as simple as like washing hair. Thanks to this super easy & convenient hair coloring mechanism.
It contains the extracts of Amino and Royal Jelly to minimize the dyeing damage and restore the hair. The dye chemicals can transform into foam to blend into hair evenly and effectively. The formula does not have an unpleasant or pungent smell. The finish looks smoothly shiny and the hair does not feel dry or damaged. Beauty Bloggers in Asia has reviewed it as being an easy and quick application that works for everyone. It doesn't stain and is a permanent hair dye.
   At first use, I was taken aback by the strong smell of the product. It also stings the eyes specially when you start applying it near the eye area but gradually you'll get accustomed to it and you'll find it super fun to use. I even did this to my hair..
hehehe talk about ursula seaweed hair.
My only struggle when using the product was during application. 
I was afraid that the color would come out unevenly and it did.
 I got more color on the top and bottom section of my hair. 
My hair color with indoor light
Even though the color application was uneven, I liked the results very much.
  • Easy to use
  • You only need one bottle even if you have long hair
  • Easy to remove
  • Smells better than other hair dyeing products 
  • Didn't stained me
  • Permanent hair dye
  • No need to wait for super long hours. Only 30 to 45 mins is already sufficient.
  • The product smell is quite strong 
  • It stings the eyes
  • You might not be able to apply it evenly 
  • Dries the hair.
  • Section your hair into 3 parts. (the lower section, mid section and upper section) this makes application more evenly.
  • Start with the ends rather than with the roots so that you won't end up with hair color only at the top part of your head.
  • If you have longer hair, leave the product on for about 45 minutes to an hour just to make sure that the color applied really well. 
  • Deep condition your hair frequently. There would be a high chance that the product will dry your hair up fast.
  • To preserve and brighten your hair color, use shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for color treated hair.
Will I re-purchase this product?
Yes if ever I'll be re-coloring my hair again.

To whom do I recommend this?
To everyone actually. I highly recommend this. It's easy to use and it's super practical. 

Where can I find this?
A retailing online store: Japanichi (they have alot of other cool products to check out!)

Lastly I would like to extend my appreciation to Japanichi for the super fast transaction. 
Thank you so much! Until our next one!
Well that sums up my whole product review for Prettia Bubble foam hair dye.
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Until my next blog post,
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